AAACertificateServices_2.crt prior to 1 Dec 2009
USERTrustLegacySecureServerCA.crt [Intermediate] -- From 1 Dec 2009
[Root] EntrustSecureServerCA.crt -- From 1 Dec 2009
AAA Certificate Services (AddTrust ExternalCARoot)
INTERNAL NAMES NOTE: You can no longer include internal names/reserved IP address in your certificates. All publicly trusted SSL Certificates issued to internal names and reserved IP addresses will expire before November 1, 2015. WHAT SUBJECT ALTERNATE NAMES (SANS) SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN AN EXCHANGE 2010 CERTIFICATE? Finding the SANs that need to be included in your Unified Communications (UC) Certificate for Exchange 2010 has been simplified. You can use the Microsoft Exchange Certificate Wiz...
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