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QUESTION: _Can reseller banners be changed on my account?_ ANSWER: Yes, reseller banners can be changed by sending a new image file (PNG, GIF, JPG) w/780x80 dimesions to MUST BE sent FROM an administrative email contact (Approved Sender) we have on file. _ALL REQUESTS NOT RECEIVED FROM AN APPROVED SENDER MAY BE REJECTED._ NOTE: You must register [], on our support site, first before you can send ...
QUESTION: HOW DO I GET A REPLACEMENT CERTIFICATE? ANSWER:  You may obtain a replacement certificate through your account. There are different procedures depending on which type of an account the certificate was purchased through. RETAIL (Direct from Comodo) * Log into your account via [] * Click SSL CERTIFICATES * Locate your certificate's order number in the resulting list. * Click REPLACE * Provide new CSR and click NEXT * F...
If you do not already have it, the partners logo graphic can be obtained from our banners and templates page at [] After obtaining the logo, you can install it on your site by following our installation wizard []. Remember to choose 'Comodo Partner Logo' as the 'TrustLogo Type' in step 2.
To ensure alignment and enhancement of security parameters for re-issue requests, Comodo CA has recently deployed some changes to reinforce the existing policy of not allowing changes to organizational details on re-issues if the certificate has been issued for 45 days when the request was made by API. Specifically, we are adding logic to support a new parameter to the AutoReplaceSSL API.  The parameter will be IgnoreLateOrgDetailsChanges=Y.  When this parameter is supplied for OV and EV order...
How to log into your Comodo Reseller Portal Account and Accelerate Customer Orders
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