CWAF rules downloads and update

Since version 2.12 after CWAF-plugin installation rules (the latest version) are offered to be downloaded. It works as for Web-Host Management systems (WHMS) as for standalone installation.

For previous CWAF-plugin versions rules download is not offered. In this case current version is designated as 0 and available version (the latest) is offered.

Rules could be downloaded by:

1) Comodo WAF - Main - Rules (version) availbale button for WHMS (cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, WebMin);

2) /path_to_cwaf/cwaf/scripts/ for standalone installation.

If there is no new version available, current version is designated in CWAF-plugin as the latest.

To check version for standalone installation script /path_to_cwaf/cwaf/scripts/ should be run with '-v' parameter.

'/path_to_cwaf/cwaf/scripts/ -h' is help for this script.

Update could be performed the same way.

In WHMS automatic update could be performed with Comodo WAF - Configuration - Schedule Rules Update - Update config

For standalone install the script /path_to_cwaf/cwaf/scripts/ could be add to crontab

Once a week update should be perfectly enough.

Sometimes update could be failed.

1) Server is unaccessable. To check it some utilities could be used (ping, traceroute, nmap).

2) CWAF credentials (login/password) is incorrect. They could be check at project site


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