How do I re-issue my current certificate with SHA-2 (SHA-256)?

Question: How do I re-issue my current certificate with SHA-2 (SHA-256)?


Answer: It depends on when your certificate is set to expire.

If your certificate presently expires:

  • BEYOND 31 December 2016, then Comodo automatically will provide you with a SHA-2 signed certificate upon re-issuance.  Please see How do I get a replacement certificate? on how to re-issue your certificate.


  • PRIOR TO 31 December 2016, then please contact Comodo Support either by phone or ticket/email.
    • To contact us via email/ticket:
      1. Please register on our support site. If you already have registered, you may skip this step.
      2. Once registered, please send us an email via and provide us with the following:
        • Order Number
        • Fully Qualified Domain Name (or IP)
        • Web Server Software (e.g. Apache, IIS, Tomcat, etc.)
        • Brief Explaination of what is needed (E.g. Please re-issue my certificate as SHA-2 and here is the CSR)
        • Subject: This can be any thing you would like it to be. However, we recommend that it something descriptive about your issue (e.g. I need a replacement certificate)


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