CMDM: What Ports do I Need to Allow on my Firewall for MDM Functionality

This article provides information regarding which ports need to be allowed in the firewall rules in the server or local infrastructure in order to ensure proper communication for specific components within Comodo MDM.


Comodo MDM Component Connection From Port(s) used and connection to Inbound/Outbound Connection?
Admin access to portal Company Network/Internet 443 - To MDM Server Inbound
Client Access to the server Internet 444 - To MDM Server Inbound
EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) Plugin Communication EAS Plugin (Exchange Server) 444 - From Exchange Server to MDM Server Outbound
Email MDM Server Configured SMTP port - To configured SMTP server Outbound
LDAP communication MDM Server 389 - To LDAP Server Outbound

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MDM Server 443 -To Outbound
GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) for Android MDM Server 443 - To Google Cloud Messaging Server Outbound
APNS (Apple Push Notification Server) for iOS MDM Server 2195 , 2196 , 80, 443 - To Apple Push Notification Server Outbound
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