idAuthority Credentials NOT available for this site
Question: Why does my Trust Logo display "idAuthority Credentials NOT available for this site" ?

Answer: There are various reason as to why this could happen.

1. It works in all browsers but Internet Explorer 6.

If one has the HTML tag of <base href="" /> installed on the site. IE6 requires that the base tag <base> to be closed like one would close the anchor tag as seen here. <a href=""> </a>, so for the base it would become <base href=""> </base>. The BASE tag is commonly found in ZenCart systems.

According to W3C standards:

In HTML the tag has no end tag.

In XHTML the tag must be properly closed.

2. Your Trust Logo has expired.

3. The site you have registered with Comodo is different from the one you are putting the logo on.

4. Your current SSL certificate is revoked or expired.

If these do not solve the problem please Submit a Ticket to our Support Team.

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