License activation Error -2147221231 : ClassFactory cannot supply requested class
An error has occurred. Error -2147221231 : ClassFactory cannot supply requested class

Check if you have following three dlls present in '[Windows]\System32' folder:


This error is due to the fact that the licensing module could not find msxml parser on your system which is supplied by above three dll's

The first thing to try is registering the dll:
1. Go to "Start->Run", type cmd and press enter to access the DOS console.
2. Change path to [Windows]/System32 folder where you have all the three dlls installed
3. Type in 'regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll" and press Enter.

It should display a success message box.
After that please try to activate the license again.

Alternatively the version of Windows Script you have on your Windows 2000 or Windows XP is outdated

Download the latest Windows Script from Microsoft

If you continue to see the problem, please submit a ticket at:

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