How to Digitally sign a Adobe PDF Document

Open or create your document in Adobe Acrobat

On the top Left there are tabs, click on Tools

Then, select the option Certificates

Click on Digitally Sign

With your mouse, draw a box where you want the signature to appear. A dialog box will appear which allows you to select Sign As. This will display your Digital ID.

Select your Digital ID

NoteInside the dialog box, if you would like to check the certificate details, simply click on the View Details.

Click Continue and Click Sign

You will be required to save the document, type a name for your file, and click Save. The file shows a blue bar at the top of the screen indicating that the PDF file is signed.

Note: Acrobat sets the first signature method chosen as the default method of signing. To clear out Digital IDs in Acrobat, select Edit > Preferences > select Signatures on the left side of the screen > click More after Identities & Trusted Certificates > select the relevant Digital ID > click Remove ID > confirm that you want to remove the Digital ID> enter the password > click OK

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