Could some IP-addresses be added in whitelist on WAF?

Yes. Any ip-address could be added in whitelist.

If  Web-Host Management Systems (WHMS) is used in CWAF-plugin (section "UserData", "Custom User rules" text-box) the next configuration should be add:


SecRule REMOTE_ADDR "^192\.168\.0\.1$" phase:1, log, allow, ctl: ruleEngine=Off,id=999999 


where -  IP-address, id - rule ID, which should be unique for each IP-address you exlude. It's presented as regular expression (regex).

For standalone installation this string could be add to /etc/cwaf/httpd/custom_user.conf

More complex regex for network whitelisting could be used. 

"^192\.168\.0\.\d+" will whitelist entire network 192.168.0/24.


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