Can I use Comodo Secure DNS and TrustConnect with a free account?
Posted by Dmitriy Limonov on October 20 2011 08:47
Since you are using a free account, you can not use Comodo Secure DNS directly.

You may use them if you add the route to Comodo Secure DNS via your default gateway.

If you're using OpenVPN in Linux, add in free_client.conf the following:

route net_gateway
route net_gateway

where net_gateway - the pre-defined constant, which means in terms of openVPN-client the network default gateway.
The openVPN client program will recognize the actual address of your default gateway automatically.

The same in Windows:

Try to add the static route to Comodo Secure DNS via your default gateway. To do this:
1. Run console ("Command Prompt") as administrator
2. Enter route print (TrustConnect must be not active). In first row of third column you'll see your default gateway address. For example,
3. Enter: route add -p
route add -p

4. Now, if you enter route print, you should see your new static routes in section "Persistent Routes"
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